The Kings’ Cemetery – KOTAGEDE

In the 8th century, Mataram region (now is called Jogjakarta) is the center of Mataram, Hindu Kingdom which ruled Java island. This kingdom was prosperous. Furthermore, the people lived in a high civilization. In the 10th century, for some reasons the capital city of the kingdom was moved to East Java. All of the people left Mataram, and slowly the area turned into a lush woodland.

Along with the history of Java kingdom and the onset of Islam in Java, in the 14th century Mataram Islam was founded. The cemetery complex of Mataram Islam founders was surrounded by tall and sturdy wall. The arches standing on the way to the cemetery have the trait of Hindu architecture. Each and every arch has thick wooden door, crafted by stunning carving. Some servantswearing Javanese traditional clothes guard the complexs 24 hours a day.

The visitors should walk through three arches before finally reaching the last arch, leading directly to the cemetery. To visit the cemetery, the visitors must wear Javanese traditional clothes (rented). The cemetery is opened for public on Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday, starting from 08.00 am until 4 pm.

To respect the founders of MataramKingdom who rest in the cemetery, the visitors are not allowed to take picture or bring camera. Gold jewelry is also prohibited. The great person who laid to rest here were the founders of Mataram Islam kingdom, such as : Sultan Hadiwiijaya, Ki GedePemanahan, PanembahanSenopati, andthe nobles.

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