JIHW & Weaving For Life

Almost all regions in Indonesia (approximately 29 provinces) have woven cloth as one of the traditional clothes. Weaving for Life is a joint movement to support the people’s life sustainability through collaboration project, involving several stakeholders. The focus of the project is maintaining and developing traditional woven cloth. As for the sustainability mentioned previously, it aims for economic, education and knowledge refinement.

Weaving for Life is held for the first time in Jogjakarta, then spreading to Kefamenanu, Northern Central Timor, NTT. This program is the collaboration project of Tafean Pah, Lawe, Lurik Kurnia, and Terasmitra. It supports children woven cloth products in two villages in Northern Central Timor. Some of the best woven clothes are replicated and its second-grade-quality products are made. The sales revenue of the woven clothes and its second-grade-quality products turns into scholarships for the little weaver.

Weaving for Life in Yogyakarta was conducted in Sumberarum, Sejatidesa village. In this village, girdle weaving is one of the life hood of its people, other than farming and sand mining in Progo river.Weaving for Life, standing with the support form GEF SGP aims to reduce sand mining activity by developing girdle weaving. To achieve this aim, a union was formed to develop girdle weaving tourism. The members of this union are the local people, as well as the weavers.

We are expecting for your visit in Prambanan, November 19th 2016, on The 8th JIHW 2016. Don’t miss it……………..

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