Nyepi Celebration

Nyepi is the celebration of Hindu New Year based on Saka Calendar, started from 78 A.D. Saka New Year is started by isolating oneself. No busy daily activity as usual. All activities are stopped, included the public service. However, the hospital is still doing its business.

The main purpose of Nyepi is to pray to God; may He purify Bhuana Alit (world of the mortals/micro cosmos) and Bhuana Agung (universe/macro cosmos). Before Nyepi, there are ceremonials done by the Hindu people.

Tawur Agung Kesanga is one of the ceremonials done before celebrating Nyepi 1938 Saka. Attended by approximately 20 thousand Hindu people, this ceremony had been held on March 8th, 2016 starting from 08.00 am. Tirtasuci (holy water) was brought from Ratu Boko Temple to Wisnu Mandala Candi Prambanan. The water then was given to pedanda (the Hindu elder), as the requirement to start Tawur Agung ceremony. Purifying catur brata (four abstinences during Nyepi) by Hindu people was done after. The theme of this ceremony is unity in diversity, hopping for balance between mortals and nature. Attending the ceremony is Minister of Religion Affairs, Governor of Central Java, and the government officials.

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