JIHW & Weaving For Life

Almost all regions in Indonesia (approximately 29 provinces) have woven cloth as one of the traditional clothes. Weaving for Life is a joint movement to support the people’s life sustainability through collaboration project, involving several stakeholders. The focus of the project is maintaining and developing traditional woven cloth. As for the sustainability mentioned previously, it aims for economic, education and knowledge refinement. Read more

Nyepi Celebration

Nyepi is the celebration of Hindu New Year based on Saka Calendar, started from 78 A.D. Saka New Year is started by isolating oneself. No busy daily activity as usual. All activities are stopped, included the public service. However, the hospital is still doing its business. Read more

The Kings’ Cemetery – KOTAGEDE

In the 8th century, Mataram region (now is called Jogjakarta) is the center of Mataram, Hindu Kingdom which ruled Java island. This kingdom was prosperous. Furthermore, the people lived in a high civilization. In the 10th century, for some reasons the capital city of the kingdom was moved to East Java. All of the people left Mataram, and slowly the area turned into a lush woodland.
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